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Who Benefits from Harbor?

The Parish

  • Eliminate the cost of vacant property maintenance

  • Nurture the faith of young disciples

  • Receive the fruits of Harbor’s young adults as they grow their talents

Young People

  • Be supported by relationships and friendships across generations

  • Grow professionally and take steps to financial freedom

  • Joyfully follow Jesus in a way that creatively connects with the world you live in


  • Contribute your skills and talents to helping young people discover their mission in the world

  • Connect to a network of bright young Catholics and learn from them, too

We believe in a simple formula: 

+ Form Christ centered prayerful communities of young people 

+ Connect them with experienced mentors 

+ Collaborate with parishes to build spaces for creativity and comprehensive formation

= Young people responding to the Holy Spirit as creative, joy-filled entrepreneurs, artists, priests, lay ministers, or whatever else God might be calling them to as disciples

Pray and Play Together

You will not be anonymous 

We are not strangers to each other and care about things like how someone is doing at the end of a busy day at work.  We eat together at least once a week for dinner. 

Prayer is our fuel. We cannot mature as intentional disciples apart from knowing God intimately. In addition to regular sacraments (respecting COVID guidelines), we have group prayer commitments including a weekly Rosary and Divine Office. 

Receive Individualized Discernment Support

Stop being "NATO"

From our lived experience, we have seen young Catholics paralyzed by NATO - “No Action, Talk Only.” Our program of discernment, rooted in prayer, will be a safe and fun space to learn how to take actionable steps towards achievable, time-bound goals. We believe that being open to the Holy Spirit and being proactive are not mutually exclusive. Support includes spiritual direction, professional mentorship, and workshops on being Christ in fields like justice and advocacy, ministry, the arts, and entrepreneurship. 

Grow as a Steward

All that we have is a gift

At Harbor, residents will concretely invest our time, talent, and treasure for the growing of God’s kingdom. For example: 

  • Serving the Parish: Everyone in the house agrees to an act of service for the parish at least once a month.

  • Serving the local community: We realize many young people don’t know how to engage with local justice, advocacy, or political initiatives. We want to help break that barrier.

  • Financial literacy: wealth is a means, not an end. We’ll be learning the different ways we can use it for the Kingdom.

  • Hospitality: Harbor is not meant for just residents. We’ll be living beyond the Catholic bubble, extending hospitality to both friends and strangers.

Run a business and create 

Harbor's co-working experiment

We will experiment with a co-working space, contingent on COVID regulations. It’s a space to work, network, encourage, and partner up on new ventures.  It will also be a place for Catholics who are seeking employment to come set up shop while looking for a job. 

Harbor could be a good fit if you want to:

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