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Interested in Harbor, but didn't find what you were looking for on the site? Reach out to Martin or Jessica, and we'll get the conversation rolling.

admin (at) harbor (dot) community

Martin Ford, founder

I’m a native San Franciscan, was an Eagle Scout, and graduated from Ave Maria University in Florida. I’ve enjoyed bringing my passion for futuristic thinking and strategic planning to my work in aviation, tech, and non-profit organizations. Making the world a better place through building community and helping young people discern where God wants them to be is what drives me.

Jessica Yap, marketing and operations

One of my earliest memories is bathing with a tabo at my grandparent’s house in KL while mosquitoes ate me. Yum. 


I was born and raised in SF in a mixed up household - mixed faith, mixed culture, mixed citizenship. It was a school of the pains and joys of constantly being surrounded by all things different. 

Because of this, I’m passionate about helping the Church feel like home for all Her people. I hope to bring my skills in advocacy, research, ministry, and marketing to do good at Harbor. 

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